Yeongene - Bonnie Gene

Yeongene's new two-part album will be released on February 8th
via EARDRUMS, indieful rok.

バカラックのカバー集+オリジナル with インディー大御所。試聴はAll Music, Amazonなどでどうぞ。

Chapter One
Me & My Burt (A Burt Bacharach Songbook)
01 Lost Horizon
02 Paper Mache
03 Tower Of Strength
04 Me, Japanese Boy, I Love You [with Norman Blake]
05 Wives And Lovers
06 I'll Never Fall In Love Again [with Eugene Kelly]
07 It Doesn't Matter Anymore [with Stuart Kidd]
08 Try To See It My Way
09 Reflections
10 Promise Her Anything
11 The Bell That Couldn't Jingle
12 Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
13 Jean (Theme From 'Bonnie Gene') [with Duglas T Stewart]

Chapter Two
Yeongene Vs BMX Bandits
14 Saveoursmiles
15 Do You Really Love Me
16 Ally Ally Oxen Free
17 Primitive
18 Love, Look At Me
19 Come Out And Play
20 I'll Never Fall In Love Again (Again)

Produced by David Scott, Duglas T Stewart,
Francis Macdonald, Jim McEwan, and Norman Blake